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news obamacare

news obamacare

now if there's one thing they %uhpresident obama he said you could keep you insurance but now it turns outcouldn't care less debut it does i think a keep your jurorshow do i know cuz i watch television where at least share jackson ourproducer watches television and you put this to you it's for a long time the president'sadvisers were seen okay sure just say if you like your planyou can keep your planner should we add some caveats my next guest says that she wasperfectly happy with her insurance plan

but now it is gone this is like thepresident saying read my lips no new taxes chip or bush 41 of 43 saying mission accomplished didyou believe the president when he said if you like your planner gonna be ableto keep it i did i absolutely believe cam youreally didn't want that insurance policy %uh the president misspoke would makesome things at once the actors that hundreds of times i a over the last fouryears eat you have no alternative and thegovernment to tell you that you don't have the option

acted to keep what you've got him sayingyou if you like you play can keep your plan is something he's not going to be ableto shake this whole problem they've been facing our in terms of credibility about the president saying over and overagain three years ago when he sold this law he basically said you know ifyou like your plan you get to keep it i was promised and you know that i couldkeep my coverage and he flat out lied i and i don'tappreciate that why should people not be upset if they like the insurance policythey had their lot of people who did

like what they had and now they're beingforced into other policies the president said that wouldn't happena stage four cancer a survivor i and has just lost his plan he likes and i had people all acrosskentucky come up to me last week and say i had great insurance too much betterthan the president says i should out and i've got either pay a tax or step down%uh my he lied he said i could keep my oldcrappy insurance attorneys i cant the given me a better one this is likemission accomplished all over you remember when bush lied about iraq

and then we spent over a trilliondollars and over a hundred thousand civilians died in iraq and over 5,000 of our guys in total wellwell more than that wounded and died okay to almost 1000 guys that have diedfrom our side lololol all it's just as bad just back is thatok i got game insurance that's better and remember i was told ican keep it in this for the individual market by theway it only applies to the individual or not if you get it through your employer and eighty-three percent the people inthe individual market get a new plan

every year anyway so now in this case 75percent amor getting a bye week that's less he that's where all right now to be fair sometimes for some people yes you get new plan yes it's definitelybetter in that it covers more things but it costs a little more okay now formost people that's not the case because you get subsidies your familyfour you make a thing about ninety four thousand dollars you need a subsidy it 94,000 below if you make above ninetyfour thousand dollars you mind i get

that subsidy an you might pay a little more forbetter coverage rate so now for small that doesn't seem likethat about a trade off but second well look at my one complaintabout the affordable care i did it was a verysignificant one is the one that's playing out was that there's no cost control therewas no public option nothing like that so then the insurancecan come in and say hey you know what i'm a jack up the prices yes for a lotof middle class people and for

poor americans you get a subsidy etcetera right but for some people that costs continueto rise so that part is a legitimate criticismokay and we were worried about it from day one right here on this show but for a great majority the people younormally go a new plan every year anyway this thing covers more and formost people it doesn't cost any more okay so beingreal about it gillispie honest about it whereas if youturn on tv seems like every spares eyeball

i know all too well lol they could do byblair by black youth and suck governs thingswhy didn't do it that way so in fact is a perfect example that dianne barrett was a cbs this morningand she was just so upset that her plan so was now you know gone and she had to get a newplan seles hear from her 56-year-old i am correct last month shereceived a letter from blue cross blue shield informing her as in january 2014 shewould lose her current plan

paret pays fifty four dollars a monththe new plan she's being offered would run 591 dollars a month ten times more thanwhat she currently pays what i have right now is what i'm happywith and i just wanna know why 88-key but i have went away have to be forced intosomething else she has such a great plan why are theydoing this to her now are you ready for the facts for soall cbs throws in a little caveat there let'shear that that according to health card

i got diane is eligible for somesubsidies but she told us she has no idea at what the subsidieswould be cuz the course gets what she can't log on to the website so well turns out she might be able to get some some cities which shedidn't really look into it now for turn out that there's some issues with thewebsite's also cover reporters they look intotommy christopher did a great job in writing about this for said media andhe found another one the current policy she had

was as they point out about 50 bucks amonth it's what's called a junk health insurance it covers almost nothing it's capped at the amount that they can give you backits 50 bucks so you give them 50 bucks in your ownany issues they give you 50 bucks back while i can't believe she can have thathealth insurers anymore it's basically faq insurance that theygive you to make yourself feel a little betterbut if you actually running issues not covered

okay so the job thing concept and he's areporter with the new republic any site but let me look into this forher okay so he did it turns out that when you goin and actually look at that health up market exchanges well it turns out they should get onethat costs a hundred dollars a month okay well thats almost twice as much as whichis paying a but you know what it would protect herfrom bankruptcy something role play and didn't you

if you watched a hundred fifty dollars amonth now again that's more okay let's prepare about that and ourcoverage will be significantly more comprehensive so now whether we think that's a goodidea or not is not important what's important iswhat is diane a barrett think about that so well chuck on called her up and gaveadoptions and explain this is what you get for this is what you get for that nowwhat do you think she now says quote i would jump at it with my age thingscan happen

i don't have bills that could make mebankrupt i don't wanna lose my house so that big oklahoma caring sector some on cbs i couldn't go to third tears as she finds asia junkie sureshe's getting it really shows aces per day begins bankruptcy and she says she would literally jump atone more call from her she said maybe it's a blessing indisguise and ae you're right about that exceptfor the fact that it's not really in the skies

so only in disguise if you watchtelevision and they keep telling you like oh my god this is so much worse for you know alldo in reality if you look into it in youinvestigated it's not discuss at all it's supposed to give you more coverageand it does

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