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no more obama care

no more obama care

hi, everybody. my name is stefan molyneux.i'm the host of freedomain radio. this is the truth about obamacare. oh, my goodness,what a challenging roll out this has been as we would say in the it world. so, i'veattempted to go out and get just the fact so that you can make an informed decisionabout the laws and the implementation and come to your own conclusions about what isgoing. so, as you probably know, president obama'saffordable healthcare act requires that almost all americans carry health insurance or facea fine starting in 2014. now, this law was signed in to effect in march of 2010 whichbasically means that the government has had about three and a half years to create andtest the obamacare website.

as you probably heard it's been about as catastrophicroll out as you can imagine in the it world. i actually was an it executive entrepreneur,chief technical officer for about 15 years and designed, coded, built, marketed and soldsome pretty complex computer systems to a variety of public and private sectors in tothis. i know a little bit about best practices and how things should be rolling out and wewill see how this compares to best practices, this roll out of the obamacare, they have spent 500 to 600 million dollars. they are refusing to release list and namesof all of the companies although some of the people know abut have also been companiesthat have donated a lot of money to the obama administration raising questions of possiblecronyism. and figures released recently have

suggested that the total cost of this websitecould top a billion dollars and that of course is really challenging. the idea that is beentalked about now a couple of weeks after the roll out is that you got to basically goingto load up a cannon full of nerds and fire it at the website. this is not going to work.a website of this complexity at this site with this level of user requirements is enormouslycomplicated. probably millions of lines of code and database triggers all interactingtogether. you change one thing over here. it might change something the other end ofthe application. so, it's going to take people months even to get up to speed on what isbeing done. this site assuming it doesn't need to be completely rewritten which is probablythe most likely thing that's going to happen

will not be functional in any significantway for i would imagine 8 to 12 months would be a minimum. so, this idea, you know, we'reworking around the clock to fix the problem is not, contractors assured the congressional committee on september 10th that they andtheir computer systems and the entire online federal health care marketplace was readyto enroll millions of americans. now, there were some quality managers who said this isnot ready for primetime yet. they would largely shut it down. one of the things that the contractorsare complaining about is what's called scope creep which is when the requirements for thepackage or the program changed after significant portions of it have been implemented whichis kind of like adjusting the wings of an

airplane mechanically while the plane is takingoff as opposed to doing it in the hanger beforehand is 10 ten times more of the things that happened right before the system has rolled out was that the governmentsuddenly said, "no, no, no. we had originally designed it so that people could browse theprices of these health care plans without requiring registration." then they changedit to say, "no, no, no. people must now register before they can see any prices." now really,come one. what kind of sense is this really make? you can browse amazon. you can browseebay. you can ever browse youtube without registering because they want you to see whatyou're going in for before you register. the only conceivable reason that i can imaginethat you would suddenly require registration

before people could see the prices is youreally don't want people to see the prices for reasons that we'll get in to in a moment.all right, let's see what was promised versus what was delivered.while the aca was making its way through the labyrinth of congress in 2009 and 2010, presidentobama famously promised the american people over and over again that if you like yourhealth care plan, you can keep it. let's hear a quote from one rally in july 2009. "letme be exactly clear about what health care reform means to you. first of all if you'vegot health insurance, you like your doctors, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor,you can keep your plan. nobody is talking about taking that away from you."but the president's promise is turning out

to be tragically false for millions of care policies are being canceled all over the country because these policies don'tmeet the requirements of the affordable care act. according to health policy expert boblaszewski, approximately 16 million americans will lose their current plans because of obamacare.for months, we've heard about obama's trillions in health care subsidies that are going toeliminate or reduce rate shock for the millions of uninsured americans because if you're uninsured,you're uninsured for probably a very good reason which we'll get in to in just a moment.and so, if you suddenly have to sign up for health care insurance, maybe you can affordit, maybe you've got your money committed to other things so there's going to be a lotsof subsidies from the government. unfortunately,

it's not turning out to be true. if you shopfor coverage on your own, you're likely to see your rates go up, even after accountingfor the impact of pre-existing conditions, even after accounting for the impact of, let's just take a moment to talk about pre-existing conditions. it's really essential.if you want to understand what's going wrong with the american health care industry, oneof the key things you need to understand is the problem of pre-existing conditions. canyou imagine calling up an insurance company and saying, "i need fire insurance like now,"and they say, "why?" "because my house is burning down, man. i need it now." and they'dsay, "well, you can't buy it now because your house is burning down." the whole point isyou have to buy it beforehand when you don't

know that you're house is burning down.well, the government has forbidden american health care insurance companies from rejectingclaimants who have pre-existing conditions for years. this has caused huge problems.if you wait until you have cancer before applying for health care insurance, there's no possibleway that your health care premiums can cover the cost of your cancer treatment. therefore,all the other people in the plan have to pay for your health care treatments because youdidn't pay before. and what that means is that young and healthy people are going tobe disproportioned in charge higher rates to pay for all the people who waited untilthey got sick before applying for health care insurance. this is a huge and -- a huge problemwhich is only increasing under obamacare.

before obamacare was passed, obama said, "hereis a guarantee that i've made. if you've got a doctor that you like, you will be able tokeep your doctor." however, in july 2013, the obama administration said that people"may" be able to keep their doctor. that's quite an important change. i mean imagineyou get on the plane. you're going to newark and say, "we're going to newark. and you geton the plane. you're in the middle of the air and say, "we 'may' be going to newark."now, that's kind of a changed, right? this is even more important than february 2008, obama said, "we are going to work with you to lower your premiums by$2,500. we will not wait 20 years from now to do it or 10 years from now to do it. wewill do it by the end of my first term as

president. lower your premiums by $2,500."however, by the time that obama's first term was over, family premiums had gotten bigger,not smaller. the increase was over $3,000 per family.this is one thing if you don't quite lower the premiums as much as you promise maybehe'd only got to $2,000 lower. but $3,000 higher, that is quite a change. "hey, i won$3,000 in the lottery. go to cash it in." "hey, i owe the lottery $3,000. how did thathappened?" it's much more important than that. based on a manhattan institute analysis ofthe hhs numbers of obamacare will increase underlying insurance rates for younger menby an average of 97 to 99 percent, and for younger women by an average of 55 to 62 north carolina, well, i'm afraid you are

quite host. individual-market rates triplefor women and quadruple for men. under obamacare, rates for men and women arethe same which has the net effect of disproportionately increasing rates for men, who generally paidless under the old system. when you say to insurance companies you cannot now discriminateon gender, what you're saying is that men must subsidize women particularly under theage of 40, women use a much higher proportion of health care than men for a variety of intricateplumbing which strengthens me and also because of having children and all that kind of, there is a massive subsidy from men to women when you're no longer allowed to distribute-- to discriminate based on gender. now, nearly two-thirds of the uninsured inamerica are under the age of 40. and of course

they're avoiding insurance because it's disproportionatelyhigher because they have to pay for all the other people who waited till they got sickbefore getting healthcare. these young and healthy people are essential to obamacare;unless you are a young and healthy person willing to pay massive multiples of what yourhealth care insurance actually would cost in the free market, unless you're willingto subsidize women, if you're -- old people, people who waited till they were sick beforegetting health care. if you're not willing to do that, the entire system will fall apartfinancially which means the debt will be passed along to the future.let's look at some of these facts and you can pause this and remember the sources orarea in the lower bar.

a 27-year-old man, this is affordable careacts bronze premiums versus the premiums available before this for a 27-year-old man, adjustedfor pre-existing conditions so percent increase in price. so, the dark red are over 200 percentincreases and then 100 to 200 you can sort of see this. the blue are low increases ordecreases and as you can see really not a lot of blue in this. so, for young people,for young men, it's pretty catastrophic. let's look at this for 27-year-old -- fora 27-year-old woman. one or two more blue, a little bit less dark red but again, increasesin general. 40-yeard-old man, massive increases of course and there's only one state whereyou can get a decrease. this is a pretty catastrophic for a 40-year-old woman. again, slightly betterin a few states for decreases but most people

are going to see a massive increase and thisof course is after the administration promised everyone in the lead after the bill. theypromised everyone that the price was going to go down. this is a very suspicious promiseto make for reasons of math and economics but the promise was made and this is the, the u.s. individual health insurance market currently totals about 19 million people.because the obama administration's regulation on grandfathering existing plans were so stringentabout 85 percent of these or about 16 million are not grandfathered and must comply withobamacare at their next renewal. this is very significant. you will not be able to keepyour existing plan for the vast majority of americans.and the obamacare rules are very complex.

so for example, if you had an individual planin march of 2010 when the law was passed and you only increased the deductible from $1,000to $1,500 in the year since, your plan has lost its grandfather status and it will nolonger be available to you when it would have renewed in 2014. the moment you touch yourplan, it is no longer grandfathered in. 16 million people are now receiving letters.i mean not all 16 at the same time but they're receiving letters from the carriers sayingthey are losing their current coverage and must re-enroll in order to avoid a break incoverage and comply with the new health care law's benefit mandates - the vast majorityby january the 1st. and most of the people are going to see some very significant rateincreases because the health care law is covering

a lot of people who are quite ill. now, thesepeople should get health care. i'm a big fan of sick people getting health care but thereality is that it is going to raise cost for everyone particularly people who aren'tyet sick. z so, kaiser health news recently called upa few insurers around the country and found that hundreds of thousands of americans havealready received cancellation notices for their existing policies. quote, "the cancellationnotices which began arriving in august, have shocked many consumers in light of presidentbarack obama's promise that people could keep their plans if they like them," accordingto representatives and reporters. so, here is a quote, "florida blue, for example,is terminating about 300,000 policies, about

80% of its individual policies in the state.kaiser permanente in california has sent notices to 160,000 people -- about half of its individualbusiness in the state. insurer highmark in pittsburgh is dropping about 20 percent ofits individual market customers, while independence blue cross, the major insurer in philadelphia,is dropping about 45 percent; this is according to the kaiser report."blue shield of california sent roughly 119,000 cancellation notices out to mid-september,about 60 percent of its individual business. about two-thirds of those policyholders willsee rate increases in their new policies." this would be completely illegal in the privatesector to make commitments and promises to customers and then have the exact oppositehappen.

so, kathy kristof of cbs moneywatch relatesher own experience of seeing a 67 percent spike in her premiums, for a worse policythan she had before. so, this is what she said. she said, "the promise that you couldkeep your old policy if you liked has proved illusory. my insurer, kaiser permanente, informedme in a glossy booklet that "at midnight on december 31st..." ooh, doesn't it sound kindof chilly? sounds like the beginning of a horror movie. i guess it is. "at midnighton december 31st we will discontinue your current plan because it will not meet therequirements of the affordable care act." "my premium, the letter added, would go from$209 a month to $348, a 66.5 percent increase that will cost almost $1,700 annually. whatmade my plan too substandard to survive under

obamacare? well, it did not provide maternitybenefits. i'm 53 years old. i figure pregnancy would require an act of god. incidentally,maternity benefits will be covered on men's policies too.""let's hope medical science comes a long way so you guys can use those benefits. my policyalso did not cover substance abuse treatments or psychiatric care."okay, so when the government gets involved -- very briefly, when the government getsinvolved in policies in other words when the government gets to dictate what has to becovered in health care plans, then everybody who's got requirements for health care onceeveryone else to subsidize their health care. it's natural. i mean it's human nature. so,women want other people to subsidize the cost

of maternity benefits and so on, right? ofcourse they do because if everyone else pays it, then you pay less but to requiring 70-yearold men to cover maternity benefits, of course, it's ridiculous. it's unfair. it's unjustand it's kind of predatory. and also people who have more obscure ailmentswant those ailments to be forced on everyone else so everyone else has to pay for thoseailments and they have to pay proportionately less. and this is one of the reasons why thesehealth care plans have to cover more and more stuff to the point where they just becomeridiculously expensive and this is another reason why health care is so expensive inthe united states. she continues to say, "meanwhile, the thingsthat mattered to me -- that i would be able

to limit my out-of-pocket costs if i had acatastrophic ailment - got worse under my new obamacare policy. my policy, which isalways paid 100 percent of the cost of annual check-ups, had a $5,000 annual deductiblefor sick visits and hospital stays." and this you see quite continuously in the obamacaremandates that you have enormously high deductibles. now the reality is of course, if you couldn'tafford health care having hugely high deductible doesn't really help you that much becauseyou can't afford the deductible. "once i paid that $5,000..." she continues, "...the planwould pay 100% of any additional cost. that protected me from economic devastation inthe event of a catastrophic illness, such as cancer."kaiser's obamacare policy has a $4,500 deductible

she says but then covers only 40 percent ofmedical costs for office visits, hospital stays and drugs. out-of-pocket expenses aren'tcapped until the policyholder pays $6,350 annually. sure, that's only another $1,350she says, "but it adds to the additional $1,700 almost that i'm paying in premiums, makingmy personal cost for obamacare add to $3,018 annually. this, by the way, is the bare-bonespolicy under obamacare -- the bronze plan. premiums for plans that offer lower deductiblesand premiums would cost almost twice as much, according to the kaiser booklet."the law is incomprehensible. the law cannot possibly be understood by any individual oreven any group of individuals. so, after the law was passed and the law was highly complexin its nature when it was passed, the regulations

that obama has added to obamacare after hesigned it are 11 million words long. that's 30 times as many words as the actual obamacarelaw that obama signed in march 2010 contained. now, because obama added these 11 millionwords without approval from congress, his actions are actually illegal and there's alot of illegality in obamacare which we'll get to in a few minutes. exemptions, now,after obamacare was passed, the unions that supported its passage requested and receivedspecial exemptions from the law. so, within months after obamacare was passed, obama gavesome organizations an exemption from some of the requirements of obamacare. as timewent on, more than 1,300 organizations received these, these exemptions are illegal for two

reasons. number one, obama granted these exemptionswithout approval from congress. congress passed the law, congress is responsible for the lawand the law cannot be modified without congressional approval but obama bypassed congress and simplygranted extensions probably written in lipstick on the back of a napkin. and also the constitutionrequires the law to treat everyone the same. and so, granting exemptions from obamacareis anti-constitutional. it's unconstitutional. to add to the tasty frappe of political hypocrisy,after obamacare was passed, politicians who voted for it asked for special exemptionsfor their own districts. so, obamacare is partly paid for by a medical device tax. now,in case you are confused about this, medical devices don't in fact pay tax. therefore,the consumers will pay that tax. it is a tax

on consumers. all taxes on objects are taxeson consumers just like all taxes on corporations are taxes on, some medical device manufacturers have announced plans to layoff employees, includingwelch allyn (275 planned layoffs), stryker (over 1,100 planned layoffs), and medtronic(1,000 planned layoffs). in december 12 -- sorry, in december 2012,al franken, elizabeth warren, john kerry, and 15 other democrats who supported the passageof obamacare wrote a letter to harry reid, asking him to delay the tax on medical devices,claiming that the tax would hurt job creation in their districts, other districts apparentlybe damned. politicians who voted for obamacare wantedan additional exemption for themselves and

their staff after it was passed. in 2013,members of congress and their staff complained that obamacare was going to cost them a lotof money, and said that this would likely cause a brain drain among their staff becauseit's too expensive to implement for congress because remember, congress doesn't have thatmuch money, right? in response to this, obama made changes toobamacare so that these things would not happen. however, obama's actions were illegal, becausehe made these changes without congress voting on them first because of course, you wouldnot want the public spectacle of congress voting to exempt itself from a law that congresspassed on everyone else. my good friends in massachusetts -- people of massachusetts werehuge obama's -- sorry, huge supporters of

both obamacare and president obama votingfrom, of course, twice in both elections. but even they eventually ended up asking fortheir own special exemption from obamacare. and in august 2013, obama gave an obamacarewaiver to an entire state, the state of massachusetts who had voted for him and -- through pollswas reported to enthusiastically support obamacare but for everybody else. the creation and implementationof the act has been shrouded in near soviet levels of secrecy. so, although obama hadmade a campaign promise repeatedly to have all of the health care reform negotiationsbroadcast on c-span, he broke that promise after he was elected.the secrecy of the negotiations was so strong that u.s. congresswoman and speaker of thehouse nancy pelosi famously said, "we have

to pass the bill so that you can find outwhat is in it." hmm, i feel my trust flower blooming in my heart. obama used obamacareto illegally give the irs additional powers without approval from congress. in may 2013,health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius "solicited" donations from healthinsurers. you know, when someone high up in the government comes and asks you for a donation,you'll probably get few more people listening with a little bit more attention than if somebodyfrom the united way comes by. so, she solicited donations from health insurers to help payfor obamacare. this solicitation is in fact illegal. i will give you four guesses as towhether she has faced any negative repercussions from this.obamacare has raised the interest rate on

student loans from 5.3 percent to 6.8 percent.the money of course is used to fund obamacare. in june 2013, it was reported that obama hadhired 16,500 new irs agents to run obamacare. but i guess some of the people who were laidoff from medical device from [0:23:17] [phonetic] could re-apply as irs agents so that couldwork. in march 2011, 15 irs agents illegally seized the medical records of 10 million peoplewithout a warrant. obama refused to fire or prosecute any of them because again, you don'twant publicity for this kind of stuff. and the irs agents who run obamacare enthusiasticallydo not want to participate in it. in august 2013, it was reported that lessthan 3 percent of federal employees wanted to participate in obamacare. and now, federalemployees rarely see a government program

that they don't like but i guess the planis aligned and this is one they found that they did not like. now, this is very august 2013, it was reported that the obama administration would not be doing backgroundchecks on obamacare "navigators". so, the "navigators" are people that you can callto help step you through the process of applying for the health care because apparently thewebsite and the calling line aren't enough. now, these "navigators" would have accessto people's personal, private, and financial information. now, on the website recentlythey just tested this in illinois, on the website in illinois and in other places, youcan click on a hyperlink that says, "here are all of the navigators available to youfor help with your information with your website

and so on with your application." now, a reporterfound that of the hundreds of people, a hundreds of groups, organizations and people who werelisted as navigators, there was a little note at the bottom that said, "these people havenot all been approved." so, he called up the administration and said,"well, wait a minute. what does that mean? does that mean these are just people who haveapplied?" "am i going to be handing up personal financialinformation to people who have only applied to be these navigators?" and they would notgive him an answer. so, be very careful about that.all right, so let's dig up. this is the preparation for the website. the administration nevertested the complete user experience of the

federal exchanges at all before the systemlaunched. according to a business week source, the federal exchange system quote "went livewithout attempts to replicate a customer's complete experience". now, they did run particularseparate tests on various modules and they failed. the washington post reported thata trial run intended to see whether the system could handle large numbers of simultaneoususers crashed when just a few hundred simulated users were logged in.the other that's happened is the website downloads a bunch of codes, your local computer storescookies and so on and this is a huge problem because whenever you change the code on theserver, the program locally checks with the code on the local computer so you have togo and clear your cash and clear your cookies

and so on. and i don't know if the peoplethink that means flushing money and cookies down the toilet but it's really hard to maintaina site when the information is stored locally. of course, when you delete the local information,then the local computer has to go back to the server to get more data and more codethus slowing down the experience as well. so, it's really bad coding practices for anythingbut the most robustly tested system and this is why it's going to be really tough to fix.the exchange system was supposed to interface seamlessly with state-run medicaid programsthat functionality which was already delayed until november the 1st has now been furtherdelayed and they basically say, "we have no idea when it will be ready." so, on september26 very shortly before the roll out, president

obama described how easy it would be to shopfor health insurance when new health exchanges opened across the nation just one week later."there's been a lot of things said, a lot of misinformation, a lot of confusion," hesaid. his speech was intended to help set the record straight."starting on tuesday," he said, "every american can visit to find out what'scalled the insurance marketplace for your state." from there, he said, the process ofbuying insurance would be real simple. i'm sure he used the word folks about 90 timesas well. "it's a website where you can compare and purchase affordable health insurance plans,side-by-side, the same way you shop for a plane ticket on kayak -- same way you shopfor a tv on amazon. you just go on and you

start looking and here are all the options."if you've ever tried to buy insurance on your own, he said, "i promise you this is a loteasier." now, this is september 26, less than a weekbefore the exchanges were set to open and no test had been performed on whether a usercould successfully navigate it. no test had been performed -- successful test had beenperformed on more than a few hundred people using it without it failing which i guessleads to two questions. number one, did the president know that this was the status ofthe project? if so, then he was lying. if he didn't know, then is he really that confidentto run this kind of stuff? well, i will let you be the, let's talk about in terms of cost. well,

before obamacare was passed, obama promised,"i will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits -- either now or in the future.and to prove that i'm serious, there will be a provision in this plan that requiresus to come forward with more spending cuts if the savings we promised don't materialize."of course, after obama signed it, the washington post reported...reported that it would addmore than $340 billion to the budget deficit over the next march 2012, the congressional budget office said that over the next decade, obamacarewould cost twice as much as what obama had promised. in may 2013, it was reported thatobamacare's program for high risk patients was more expensive than he promised. and obamacareincludes a 40 percent tax on so-called "cadillac"

insurance plans. in other words, insuranceplans that have low deductibles and co-pays. in august 2013, unions that supported thepassage of obamacare complained about this tax.the pricing is very important. really pricing is the essence of what's being offered throughthis plan and the pricing is often incorrect. so, lumps people only intotwo broad categories: "49 or under" and "50 and older." now, prices for everyone in the49-or-under group are based on what a 27-year-old would pay. well, that's quite a bit lowerthan 40. in the 50-or-older group, prices are based on what a 50-year-old would pay.this of course is outright deception. so, for 49 or under, they're artificiallyslanting the cost low by telling you what

a 27-year-old would pay. in 50 or older, they'reartificially slanting the cost low by telling you what a 50-year-old would pay. this isnot what you're going to actually get when you apply for the, cbs news ran the numbers for a 48-year-old in charlotte, north carolina who is ineligiblefor subsidies. according to, she would pay $231 a month, but the actualplan on blue cross and blue shield of north carolina's website costs $360 which is morethan 50 percent higher. a 62-year-old in charlotte looking for the same basic plan would geta price estimate on the website of $394. the actual price is $634 -- 61% higher.industry executives that cbs news spoke to could not believe that the government is providingthese estimates, which they said were useless

and could easily mislead consumers. they alsosaid that the website repeatedly states that actual prices could be lower, but it makesno mention that they could be higher. astonishingly deceptive and again, if you try this as aprivate insurer, terrible things would result. in september 2013, this is how ridiculousprivacy concerns are become in america, it was reported that obamacare requires doctorsto ask patients personal questions about their sex lives, and to put their answers into anelectronic database. doctors who avoid doing this will be penalized. a cardiologist wasinterviewed and said, "i have no idea why i would need any of this information and it'sfrankly offensive to ask my patients." the obamacare administration when this wasraised as a privacy issue said the patients

who wished to keep their information out ofthe electronic database should pay in cash. obamacare also hits married couples with anannual tax of up to $11,000 for being married instead of single. now, of course, in frontof the u.s. supreme court, the obama administration argued that obamacare is a tax. accordingto the obamacare calculator, obamacare places an annual tax on married couples for beingmarried instead of single. and it depends on a wide variety of factors but there isa significant penalty for marriage which is really not very, the source code for the obamacare website states quote, "you have no reasonable expectationof privacy regarding any communication or data transiting or stored on this informationsystem. at any time, and for any lawful government

purpose, the government may monitor, intercept,and search and seize any communication or data transiting or stored in this informationsystem. any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system may bedisclosed or used for any lawful government purpose."now, after the nsa revelations lawful government purpose means "we have the data, we'll usethe data." what's interesting and really quite deceptive and tragic is that this informationis buried in the source code of the website. in other words, it is not displayed to theend user unless you right click and say view source and scan through all the garbage tofind this. this is literally like printing the warning labels for cigarettes on the insideof the cigarette paper or writing it in a

prescription bottle on the inside of the bottlein invisible ink and say, "well, no, no, under certain lights under a full moon, you cansee it." this is really a deceptive as well. legitimate shopping websites such as amazon,you were allowed to browse merchandise without having to enter your personal order to look at the insurance plans, you have to put in your name, social securitynumber, and other personal information and you can call up these "navigators" who maybe felons or who knows who and not -- that did not background check, not validated. thisis really catastrophic and health care information and financial information is incredibly sensitiveand personal. people now are going to have their sex life information broadcasts acrossthe world in this way.

now, as you probably heard of course, obamacareonly kicks in at 30 hours or more a week. so, this has encourages employers to switchtheir employees from full time to part-time. the new york times reported that obamacare"sharply penalizes full-time employment in favor of part-time employment." in responseto the employer mandate for obamacare, some restaurants have announced plans to switchsome of their employees from full time to part-time. i actually went to a website andthere's links below. you can browse all of the restaurants, the businesses, the...theuniversities and so on that have all dropped their people down to part-time. the 40-hourwork a week is kind of the basis and the bedrock of the middleclass and once you start chippingaway that, you create the increasing doughnut

hole where the middleclass used to be thatadds a lot to political instability and economic instability in the west. so, this again ispretty tragic. thank you very much for your time and attentionduring this presentation. my name is stefan molyneux. i'm the host of freedomain's the number one philosophy show on the internet. i hope that you will check it outat you can also help donate to spread this information remember to subscribe. we'll be talking more about this issue as time goes forward.thank you once again for watching and listening.

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