Friday, January 27, 2017

law of replacement

law of replacement

announcer: it's been less than two days since kris jenner's new rolls-royce was badly damaged in a crash, but it could take weeks before -- new car is here! and in a giant glass box, no less. >> identical to the one she just crashed on wednesday.

>> that exact car white with a blacktop. there's only one in all of southern california. >> rolls-royce dealership shipped it straight to her. announcer: nice, but what's with the -- >> how much are you a player

when your car comes in a glass box. harvey: i have never seen that. >> they can't get it damaged. announcer: ok, so put the damn thing in a regular truck. >> the glass is so you can see the car. announcer: behold, peasants, her

majesty's newest chariot. you may look but do not approach! >> the truck they're carrying the car in is nicer than my car. harvey: who gets a car the next day after it's totaled? >> you get the car and as soon as the insurance money comes

back, you pay it back. harvey: she didn't pay that money. i've got a feeling she didn't pay for the car in the first place that they gave it to her because they want her to be seen in it. the rich get richer.

announcer: easy, trotsky. you drive a porsche. but delivery one day after the crash, that's incredible. >> if you total your car kardashian >> the honda? carmax would have my back, dog. announcer: giant glass box not

included. drive safe!

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