Monday, February 6, 2017

obama care document

obama care document

last month the supreme court ruled in favorof the patient protection and affordable care act, which has been affectionately dubbed“obamacare”. huh?some of you probably have no idea what i’m talking about.this is obamacare for barbies, presented by nicki minaj i wish that i could have insurance for life....for life... for life…. there are currently 32 million uninsured americans.obamacare is a plan to reform the american health care system by providing affordablehealthcare to all americans.

let’s go to the doc - terlet’s go get a shot it was expens - ivefinally it’s not have a coldya old? c’mon step upmillions uninsured it’s time to get a check up under the affordable health care act, youcan add children up to 26 years old to your insurance plan.and if you suddenly get really sick, your insurance company cannot drop you. you ill?no big deal

you still got dat planthey wanna drop you but there’s no way they canyo kid’s twenty six six now he’s gettin’ sick sickthe iv’s going drip drip he’s covered on this trip tripthat’s the coverage i was lookin’ fo and if you sick â they can’t drop you hoe’ starting in 2014, if you don’t have insurance,you will be required to purchase insurance or pay a penalty; up to 2.5% of your income.if you can't afford insurance, you may qualify for medicaidas long as you’re only slightly above the poverty level.

so let me get this straight,wait you still not insured? but even with two years and all the shit obamaendured? well then a snipit of you paycheck is comin’out but if you’re money’s not tall,medicaid might help wit it health care we’re all gonna get iiiiiiiiiiiiit if you already have medicare, the affordablecare act will help make your prescription drug coverage more affordable if you already have medicaid, the affordablecare act will help make your prescription drug coveragemore affordable! just repeated what i said in a british accent. take your medication roman!take your medication roman! um. and if you don't qualify for medicaid,you may be eligible for a tax credit based on your income. raaaar!it’s the medicaid monster! ok now you’re kinda scaring me....that’s obamacare basics for barbies did you guys actually learn anything?let me know in the comments below and i’ll see you guys laterbye!

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