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obama care act

obama care act

bill clinton was speaking inflint, michigan, and the issue of obamacare came up, and hesaid some curious things that were not in support of obamacarewhatsoever. >>the people getting killed inthis deal are small business people and individuals who makejust a little too much to get any of these subsidies. why? because they aren't organized, they don't have any marketingpower with insurance companies,

and they are getting whacked. soyou've got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 millionmore people have healthcare, and then the people that are outthere busting it sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with theirpremiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in theworld. >>what? what just happened?

bythe way, his criticism is not wrong, there are severe issueswith obamacare, which is something that came up quite abit during the primaries. bernie sanders was very clear about thefact that he wanted universal healthcare, he wanted to improveupon the healthcare system we have in place now because it'snot working for some people. there are good things that camealong with obamacare, but a lot of bad things as well if you askme.

including the fact that you are forced to buy privateinsurance. >>those are the same complaintswe had in the middle of the obamacare fight. we said thisthing is too right-wing, it makes us buy private insurance. in fact we know that because it was a right-wing idea from theheritage foundation, a right-wing conservative think tank, it wasinstituted in massachusetts by

mitt romney. these are the falsechoices we have, you go with mitt romney or barack obama,romneycare or obamacare, those choices. the same thing. if youare protesting obamacare on those grounds, i hear you. but ithink bill clinton even if we are taking it from a progressivestandpoint, although i don't

think that's where he came from,went too far. talking about doubling rates, that's not true. >>didn't some people have theirpremiums double? i don't know if you can find one or two cases ofthat, but en masse it was not doubled. but before obamacare,prices were also going up. i

think if obamacare had a publicoption they could've contained some cost issues, instead itdidn't. what is amazing about this story though is that hewould say this in the middle of a presidential run, just a littleover 30 days left, his wife is running for president, his wifebacks obamacare 100%, president obama is set to give a speechtomorrow in florida defending obamacare. >>drahms. >>and bill clinton undercutsboth barack obama and his

own wife running for president,that's a crazy thing to say in the middle of the campaign. >>i know what is happening,bill clinton is secretly a trumpet supporter. >>there are three possibilitiesas to why he says this. bill clinton is not coming from aprogressive perspective, he doesn't back a public option. possibility number one is bill

clinton is a pretty conservativeguy, that's why a lot of progressives didn't like him aspresident. he ended welfare, he increased the prison industrialcomplex, a lot of people weren't in favor of that, i get it. hedidn't have to, he deregulated the banks, that was hideouslyconservative. the simplest idea is he is attacking obamacarelike conservatives would because

he's largely conservative. center-right. not crazy right, but center-right. the secondtheory is he's losing it. this theory is out there, i'm not theone who came up with it. that's why they don't have him on thecampaign trail so much.

you think bill clinton, he should beon the trail nonstop. wasn't he one of the greatest americanpoliticians, certainly of our lifetimes? whether or not youagree with him he knew how to appeal to the american people,progressives and conservatives at the same time, but he's noton the campaign trail as much as you would expect because he is aloose cannon.

is it because of age, etc.? we don't know. ithink the third theory is the best one, which is that he hassuch a gigantic ego, he can't help himself. so when he is outthere, he wants to undercut obama because in his mind, i wasa better president, i was a better president.

there is alsoanother theory out there talked about not on air often butdefinitely behind the scenes that he's ambivalent abouthillary clinton's run. like, i'm the guy who made it, i'm the onewho was president, i'm the one who got everything. now you are playing poppsychology, i get it. >>it's all speculation, let's beclear about that. i'm

uncomfortable with all of thosetheories, i don't know if any of them are true, the only thingthat i do know is true is that he said what he said, and what ifind so interesting is that hillary clinton's constant lineof attack against sanders was that he wanted to repealobamacare, which he did not want to do. he never said he wantedto, he simply said obamacare has significant flaws and we needuniversal healthcare. and that

was again a point of attack forhillary clinton. and i think it helps her to some extent in theprimaries, it helped her get votes. then you have yourhusband talking shit about obamacare, and not only that, inthe past hillary clinton herself was criticizing obamacare. that's the part that bothers me the most, the fakeness thathappened in the primaries, the

manipulation and lies thathappened in the primaries, now we are left with a situationwhere we have one republican candidate who is so hideous thatyou feel like you have to support the democratic candidatethat you are angry and upset about for being a liar andmanipulating people during the primaries. i don't know, that isthe part that drives me crazy. >>the bottom line, the clintonsget into office -- do you think they are going to make obamacaremore progressive?

that is not how it appears. you can say all you want about-- and i did -- about why bill clinton mighthave done this, but you can't argue if this ishis real opinion. it is, no question. he wouldn'tsay it if it wasn't his real opinion. his opinion is,obamacare is too progressive, i

would make it more conservative. he got in trouble for the same thing in 2013, he talked abouthow we need to turn to the republicans to help fixobamacare. they are conservative at their heart, they are notinsanely conservative like trump, but they arecenter-right. if some of you go that's it, i'm voting againstthe clintons, i get it.

but at the same time, center-right isterrible and that's why we fought it and will fight it, andi would be shocked if there were not a primary against hillaryclinton and i would be shocked if she didn't merit it in 2020. is it worse than insane right? no, it's not worse than insaneright, it's slightly better than insane right, or maybe a lotbetter than insane right. but it

doesn't make it correct, sothat's what i would encourage sanity, which is, don't lettrump win, but buyer beware on the clintons. it is not like theminute they get into office -- you know what the media will do,the media will yell at us and say you have to be fair to them,give them two or three or four years before you ever judgethem. i know what i'm getting, i've had 40 years, i know whatthe clintons are.

yes, we fight them on day one. but don't dowhat bill clinton is doing, which is fight them right now. he is undermining her own campaign and it's unbelievable.

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