Wednesday, January 25, 2017

instead of obamacare

instead of obamacare

one person is taking the rollout theysee a very personally that's republican senator jim inhofe i and he believes it socialized medicineif it had been around when he had his major a quadruple bypass recently he might nothave to be here that's awesome nate that your collegemind that you're just about to die your heart just about gone while uniteda hundred percent rock into rd ninety percent to re-readin 75 another personages lower net in though they saiddavid's question both where the nike

make it to the operating table which idid the opening me up in they did it nowtemprano wanna make it this united said this on the senate floor buti wasn't talking about me to that mcnamee but i think you know a person can findout here in the united states that he hasthis emergency is situation great got the media heart surgeon if you're in a country then unitedstates a lot to me three get it done in my case with my age that would havebeen about it 6 meant wat

to that hadn't had an heart attack in sothat messes gary is that you you know and i thinkit's all about your american listeners but all done what we've got here thenthat you know i i'm you're talking to someone right nowwe probably wouldn't be here if we had socialized met going by thepicture i am shocked that he has not had a heart attack me that amazing to the plan also that hewas in for a colonoscopy but they found my heart but were they looking for twokeepers hey when verity a up yes so

he's wrong in so many different ways runthe the continuing the myths about what actual socialized medicine is actuallylike and i just people just dying for routine things constantly the idea that he wouldn't have gottencare for small i have no idea what is income is i've a feeling is prettywell-off year on health care yeah he's got healthcare now healthcare afterwards and he'll be otherfactors in any way she performed by obamacare which is true for eighty percent of thepeople who have health care right now

your that's it no change at allironically senator i you would have a better chance atgetting killed by climate change the nobody i way i don'tthink i believe you there other prominent though the a clerk at i but i the most from say if you rememberwhen glenn beck had to go to the hospital i think about have beensomething testicular something like that he he recorded this analog basicallyhave him like i understand how bad the system is nowhaving to go through this i feel for the people who don't have insurance

it was this nice moment i've realempathy that he immediately forgot about afterward and in of could have gone through thisexperience and like been so appreciative the fact thathe had health care he was able to deal with that and he could have come out with someempathy but instead he goes in this direction does he think that all thesepeople who don't have health care prior to the ac a launching we're better off get their people theyhave gotten their quadruple bypass

their people who died because they don'thave a call asking because they have no health care exactly they are not caught in the forthat would never got anything and so preventive care as part of insurance isa terrible got and he's a whore i'm glad he survivedhis near-death experience and as a bad guy not a liar and a deceitful for and andall voted consistently amok by hiscolleagues i believe it not by staff members asian

said as the dumbest senator opioid buti'm not making that up like he is voted the dumbest said he's dumb as a post andcruel and the you know and and just i meanaggressively wrong again to not get the point you know your point about empathyjohn to not get that eggs this is law is designed sothat somebody else at fifty eight-years-old goes in forcall ask bna find something let alone something in the colon thatallows them to treat that yes saves life that's the only thingit's gonna do and also like crap that every single person whohas that experience always tells the

story and i got i hope it never happens to me or peoplei love but they're always but that is still the would make it tothe operating yeah my heart is so bad a little big but atthe end you'll never see it as a trip was a triple stroke right now is everybody's always over inflating theirnear-death experience what nobody tells that story when the doctor was right yeah right to get out around the threatthat show yeah and i and so he says it one point let's hold on to what we'vegot here all the problem is the prior to

they say what we had was incrediblybroke in the health care system that he did nothing to contribute towards finding a solutionfor and what one final thought so he he had his surgery he's gonna be okayfor lease couple more years whatever look quite old 37 tina 79 he is not bankruptcy now okay so maybe someonecould have gone to a hospital prior to they say launching and they could havegone to an emergency room or something and gotten their quadruple bypass tofind hard to believe but even if they

had their life is over from that pointbecause they would have been crushed by hundreds of thousands of dollars where the medical bills and so yes theywould have survived technically but they would be absolutelydecimated another point that i think it was missed by i in of their i'm real quick that guy whois talking duzer talk show host named eric klein i think does show fromjerusalem and he use describing the story which isa

written by bus veered associated press icouldn't quite figure out on as journalist a reply but just just forthe record is a guy who's a who wrote as i thought he had themanchurian president barack obama's ties to communist socialist otheranti-american extremists i united rentals

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