Tuesday, January 24, 2017

if obamacare is repealed

if obamacare is repealed

- before obamacare, 19 million women were uninsured in this country. after obamacare, nine in 10of every woman had insurance. insurance companies basicallytreated being a woman as a pre-existing condition. obamacare got rid of that altogether. in the individual insurancemarket before obamacare, an insurance company would say that you had a pre-existing condition,

that could include if you were pregnant, if you had a cesarean delivery, if you're a survivor ofdomestic violence or rape. those are all actual reasons that insurance companies told women we're not gonna offer you coverage. (uplifting music) gender rating is a practicethat insurance plans used to use in the individual market

and the small group market. what they would do is decide well, women use more health coverage than men, so we're gonna charge women more than men. gender rating isdiscrimination, pure and simple. we at the national women's law center surveyed plans beforeobamacare went into effect, and we found that 92% ofplans used gender rating. the insurance industry didn'tget rid of it voluntarily.

we had obamacare that came in and said you can nolonger do this practice. the concern would be that theywould try to return to that if we were to repeal obamacare. the affordable care act requires a set of women's preventive services to be covered without additionalcost to the individual. it ranges from mammograms, to flu shots, to cancer screenings,

to domestic violencescreening and treatments. birth control is one ofthose listed services. obamacare requires each insurance plan to provide coverage of the full range of fda-approved birthcontrol methods for women. and that has saved women over $1.4 billion on the pill alone in just one year. birth control prevents pregnancy, but it also preventsother health conditions,

all of which are covered under this law. it is a life-saving,life-changing, benefit for women. obamacare has said thatall individual market plans and small group plans have to cover maternity care. we did a survey before obamacare passed, and found that only 12% ofplans in the individual market covered maternity care. so to now say that all of them have to

has made a real difference. they also have to cover breast-feeding supports and supplies. this is not somethingthat has ever been covered by insurance before. and paying out of pocket for a breast pump could be extremely expensive, they're hundreds of dollars. now women are able to get them.

so, it's really changedthe entire landscape, and i think that we're still seeing the benefits of that played out in the last few years. whether you're a trump supporter or you're a clinton supporter, i think that you'll findthere's much in this law that you support. you may not realize that you're getting

your preventive service without cost-sharing because of obamacare. you may not realize thatthe reason you're able to access that maternitycare is because of obamacare. but if that were to go away, you would realize it very quickly. - we're going to get rid of obamacare. we have to repeal and replace obamacare. we're gonna get rid of it.

- no one knows whatpresident-elect trump means when he says he's going torepeal and replace obamacare. there have not been specificpolicy proposals laid out. he has wavered a little bit and started talking about keeping some of the most popular provisions. so not only are there legalchallenges to deal with, there's also a political cost to try and take this away from people.

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