Monday, January 23, 2017

how many pages is obama care

how many pages is obama care

there we go cab flight okay nothing better than arepublican catfight %uh and it's on like donkey kong todayted cruz saying other stylish been republicans what you like to do is shut down thegovernment so that we defund obamacare one of the dumbest idea ever go ahead problem right now is we don'thave republicans willing to stand up and do this the wayi was fun yeah is 18 41 republicans in the senate orkill 118 republicans announced

to stand together to join me to joinmike lee to join mark arabia also miss said we will not vote for us singlecontinuing resolution that fund even a penny obamacare isthere a lotta republicans in washington who are scared the next step is thatharry reid and president obama scream and yell that the nastyrepublicans are trying to shut down the federal government in order to defund obamacare alottarepublicans are scared of that right now is there a guy who looks more smog inthe whole country

that face a look anything please i knownerve reemerging except you shrug you apparently have noidea how the united states government works is that just me saying it now it's thewrestler bonus running out i'm and it's not just because they'reestablishment guys scarcely tom coburn who is in nineteen onlinereading as a conservative 99 at a hundred you can tom coburn isn'tconservative enough well first of all here crews explainsone more thing this represents our best opportunityactually defund obamacare potentially

our last good opportunity to do so now here comes the rest the republicans toexplain reality to ted cruz susan collins says so the effectivetrying to repeal the funding up government inevitability lisa agovernment shutdown which i do not believe is good policy or good politics the american peoplewant common-sense solutions they don't want us to pursue policiesthat are pointless that again ending government shutting down more partisanship more gridlock theywant us to actually get things done

and understand if you shut down thegovernment well as well about the switch ats his new anyabout obamacare which is awesome saleable putting things on yourplate you guys are the one screaming we like to shut the government down and then nothing gets done that this issuch a disastrous idea not just that policy but definitely inpolitics to we've seen this movie before it winds up with clinton reelected andthe democrats getting back in charge okie my six different times but becomesa restless senators seek try to explain things ted cruz and bythe way also italy and and rand paul's

well i mccain says i'm not sure why we shouldadd to give her something that's absolutely impossible the only way obamacares go to beer repeal is with a sixty-vote republicansenate met in order to override a presidential veto i think it's 67 bob's well you're right about that and so ted cruzdo you know how government works so yes the house is controlled byrepublicans if you all stand together you pass a bill you like we already knowthat cuz ive already be

voted to defund obamacare forty times and forty times do with the senate llost but apparently these knuckleheads don'tunderstand math so they like what if we do it all fortyfirst online but we can text was your way how you use67 votes we don't have sixty seven republicanswith you we don't have anywhere near that we don't even have a majority what a good gods green earth are youtalking about because the president bb does it that's when the the 67 most andof course is gonna veto it is the was

obama is called obamacare how dom are you you dumb smug prick are anyways johnking continues if the minor to use the strings is 41 boasts a filibuster governmentfunding then clearly the american people will blame congress and they do that's the history and thosewho say that's not the case ignore the lessons of history and therealities of american politics but my favorite is tom coburn who'sgoing to come in and educate here

he says the only way that this strategyworks is if you go to take the hostage andshoot which means you're never going to openthe government back up until obama says uncle says okay nowwhat's the likelihood that know what is the probability thatmembers of the senate will hold on to that it's about 0 and then coburn continues if yourstrategies the whole government funding hostage to defund obamacare the congressionalresearch service service

says as you do that guess what's goingto happen funding for obama year is going tocontinue congressional research service isnon-partisan they just tell you what the facts the bills are so ironically as they were shut downthings like the fbi your social security checks just thateverything the government does the one thing they couldn t find isobamacare how my new mentally stupid is ted cruz as a yes that is like if we just thinktogether we can change the laws of power

at all the rules of the senate an entiregovernment weekend really the one where the smallprint face on my face

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