Saturday, January 21, 2017

how do republicans feel about healthcare

how do republicans feel about healthcare

yesterday i called for the public optionto be non-negotiable to be part of the health care plan i went on about her but everything thathas a women's have it yes or family was uh... obviously as i was going to happen you know howare you and uh... any came out today and activeor speech in wisconsin doing some public ralliesas we reported pressure that archive for the senators on both sidesof the aisle the resents the american

people and speaks directly to them and he said we must the public option as part of health carereform railroad at its excellent all right now i have been fun are so uh... i'm glad that uh... fresno bomberswas watching the young turks and agrees uh... apparently not everybody doesthough

hillerman go to first met her clitnumber five here struck grasses republican uh... from mark by what happens inside and reversal about that public option what he says not really true what you'llbe able to tell from in what he says is the lady says welcome back to explain itjust for fun here we go uh... right now the republicans onfinance all the republicans except bremen bsl

have come out here is the public optionwhat is your objection to the public option my objection to the public option isbased upon below one place any i think tanks study this as a hundred ninety nineteenmillion people walked out of private health insurancewe only have fifteen million laughed premiums or normal way up and then the president's promised duringthe campaign that if you want to keep your

existing health insurance disability butfor not being reality and i think that we are when eightypercent of the people in this country is satisfied with the insurance we want to make sure we don't upset thatapple cart well really i'm doing the math it is justmake any sense you guys he says on the nineteen ninety-four willopt-out of private insurance and then and then he says eighty percentof people are satisfied with their private insurance right now

all of this so satisfied with that why would they opt out hope why does god made a spaceship to be about if you have cracks breaks and they had a sense is that he we can have a spa without tickets forthe true why if you guys ever you go another ninety maybe we're going to go and he says and then you see thepresident and i think this province of

if you want to keep your of private issues you can listen up promise you want to keep your private insuranceyou can't those a hundred percent route but apparently you most people will notseek but that's the whole essence of it rightthere the republicans know uh... that a hundred ninety million people willtake some public option that's what they're afraid out

now why are they afraid of thatobviously the people that i think that there is a better deal right and sotheir positions are gonna get a better deal so why do they care or why they yes and as a joke right if the republicanscared about their constituents that for a couple of don't like a regular now of course there if this interestsare the procure companies that are feeding them all this money for their campaign coffers

they know that the public option isbetter into the public will choose it that that he just pour it on t_v_ sayingonly ninety million people but i think it's well as eleven fifty million left inprivate insurance so didn't care about the people then hewould be happy about it but he doesn't think is what private insurancecompanies that pay his bills and that's how unfortunately our systemof government works these days so don't let 'em

for you that is nonsense about how thatit's not going to work and their main argument is you can see hereis that it's going to work too well i can live with that i really care

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