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announcer: it's been less than two days since kris jenner's new rolls-royce was badly damaged in a crash, but it could take weeks before -- new car is here! and in a giant glass box, no less. >> identical to the one she just crashed on wednesday.

>> that exact car white with a blacktop. there's only one in all of southern california. >> rolls-royce dealership shipped it straight to her. announcer: nice, but what's with the -- >> how much are you a player

when your car comes in a glass box. harvey: i have never seen that. >> they can't get it damaged. announcer: ok, so put the damn thing in a regular truck. >> the glass is so you can see the car. announcer: behold, peasants, her

majesty's newest chariot. you may look but do not approach! >> the truck they're carrying the car in is nicer than my car. harvey: who gets a car the next day after it's totaled? >> you get the car and as soon as the insurance money comes

back, you pay it back. harvey: she didn't pay that money. i've got a feeling she didn't pay for the car in the first place that they gave it to her because they want her to be seen in it. the rich get richer.

announcer: easy, trotsky. you drive a porsche. but delivery one day after the crash, that's incredible. >> if you total your car kardashian >> the honda? carmax would have my back, dog. announcer: giant glass box not

included. drive safe!

hey, paddy.just... just. [patrick turns off the music]what are you doing? hello? hello?is this thing on? ahh! happy halloween, everybody! i just wanted to say thank you everyone for coming. this is mine and... ag, you know, agustin's party. we never have parties, but this year i was like "i wanna be a fun gay, and fun gays have parties." so this is my party!

what i wanna know, though, why is nobody singing karaoke? i mean, do people not sing karaoke anymore?that's so weird, right? well later we'll sing. but i just wanted tonight to say... thank you everyone for coming. i wanted to say all my friends are here. dom is all know dom, right? he-man, master of the universe is here. dom is actually opening a restaurant. well, it's not really a restaurant, it's like a...

it's a chicken window. it's ahh... i don't know what that is. he's gonna sell windows out of his chickenand it's gonna be great. but he doesn't have any money. so if we could you excuse me, yes.thank you so much. i'm gonna take this hat, and we're gonna pass it around and we're gonna do a collection. like church. - so if you have bills you can just put it...- you don't have to do that, paddy. no, dom, shut up.i love you. i love your chicken.

just pass that shit around and we're gonna raise some money. and this is agustin! and he's here because he lives here.also because he looks amazing. and he called me clarissa dalloway earlier. so if anybody knows what that means, you can let me know. that would be great, but i want to talk toyou for real, agustin. would you put the drink down and look at me in the eyes. and i wanna say... excuse me, sorry. i'm really proud of you, because you havereally turned it around this year.

you've become thoughtful, and helpful, andyou take care of trans-kids and a rent check would be nice, but i'm notgonna push it, right? right? richie? richie knows. richie knows because richie, this is crazy,but richie actually picked agustin up off the street when he was on drugs. then that's because richie's such a good person,and i think that we should all raise a glass. if i could just, carrie, have your red punch. and raise a glass to richie, and don't thinki forgot about you. over there, laughing behind richie. that's brady.

uh, which turns out is richie's soulmate. so yeah, there's that. he's also, actually, i learned this evening...the gay dr ruth. so if anybody needs their truvada prescription filled [hiv treatment drugs] that ginger over there in the crown is the one you go to, alright? you go, you guys. cheers.and also to, while we're at it i'd like to raise a glass to my boss, kevin. kevin, hi!

look, owen, it's kevin and jon! his longtime boyfriend! isn't it great when two gay guys can justwork it out like that? i think it's amazing. so i just wanted to say, kevin, these lastfew weeks have been so special. in particular, that time a couple weeks agowhen we were alone at the office... no, no, no! i haven't gotten the chance no,i am gordon freeman, okay? he's the most popular video game character of all time! okay, gordon freeman! how do you people notknow that? you know who that is, right? make sure no one uploads any videos on youtube.[oh snap profondement!]

[music: see you by the 2 bears]- shit - motherfucker.- that was a train wreck. apparently, patrick's little breakdown onlygot us about what? $12, $13. it's okay. we can buy a new little chicken with it. our first chicken. where's malik? he is in the car. he's changing his shoes.he's kind of done with the whole cher thing. he's really great. you know that, right? oh, really? how do you...?what, did he rim you or something?

- no.- really? you gotta watch that guy. he loves ass. - he's all up in it.- doris. yeah, i know, okay? i know he's great.i know he's great. i know he's great. he's a little too's scaring the shit out of me. i'm not... i don't like the whole couple'scostume thing too, i wish we hadn't done it. it's freaking me out.'cause sonny and cher? ugh. you know how that turned out. - well do you know what i think?- what? i think you two are great together.

- man. oh my god. yo, these shoes are no joke.

donald trump was recently onabc's this week, and he went after chief justice roberts for the way he voted for the fournoble care act, when of course it went all the way tothe supreme court, and the supreme court voted that thefederal mandate was indeed constitutional. let's listen to what donaldtrump had to say about chief justice roberts, and you'll see whohe attacks during his answer.

you know a judge who is atotally underrated and outspoken is justice thomas. if you look at some of thejudges that we have, like on the supreme court, justice robertsended up being a nightmare for the conservatives. ted cruz was the one who reallywant to justice roberts to go on to the supreme court. did you know that? he was pushing him hard.

justice roberts gaveus obamacare. obamacare would have beenterminated twice if it weren't for justice roberts. justice roberts could have andshould have killed obama care. ted cruz is the one whowas promoting him. ted cruz and also jeb bush. but justice roberts was the manthat gave us, and remember he gave us obamacare, almostas much as obama himself. during the initial vote inthe supreme court regarding

ã± regarding the informal careact, justice roberts voted against it, and then laterchanged his vote. that was a big controversyamong conservatives, and remember, chief justice robertswas appointed by george w. bush, and everyone expectedhim to be the conservative justice that would throw theaffordable care act out, but it did not work that way. but understand that that attackwas not about the supreme court, it was about ted cruz.

i did some reading into johnroberts, because this seems like a stupid thing to say. yes, he sided with the liberalsin that specific case do not destroy a medicine acrossthe country, but that doesn't mean he's a liberal. and that vote, that was thesecond time that he had voted with the four liberals tomake a five ã± four vote. 2 times, and he is adisaster as a result. he is also the person who gaveus citizens united, and created

the mess of the campaign financesystem that we have today. has he voted every time how acrazed conservative would want? no. that shows that he at least hadsomething like a heart or brain inside of him, but he is verymuch a conservative justice. when he voted for the aca, itallowed mexicans to rate white women, and muslims also to be raping and killing, ted cruz. i'm surprised that made it tothe senate, that's a weird one.

we should not be in favor ofactivist judges, regardless of what your politicalideology is. i want judges to take a look atour constitution and our laws and make rulings based on that. i don't want liberals making ã± idon't want liberal judges making state ã± making decisions based on their ideology, and i don'twant conservatives doing that either. i hate that we are forced to buythrough private insurers,

but the way that they will andthat, in my opinion, made sense. the supreme courtruling made sense. publicans are angry that theydid not repeal obamacare, sorry, i wish we had somechange when it comes to health insurance in the country. at least they're not allowed todeny you coverage if you have a pre-existing condition. there are some good things thatcame out of it, although i hate the federal mandate.

i don't like the idea of itnecessarily, but i think we mortal like the idea of itbecause we are being forced to buy from private insurance. there is a downside to noteverybody being in the system, and we talked often about therenot being cost controls, that is one of the very limitedkosovo that we have, people not going to emergency rooms andbeing charged far more that then goes to the taxpayerbecause they can't pay for it. it sucks, but it does have goodoutcomes to some extent.

but if that is the only costcontrol you have in place, forcing americans to buy fromprivate insurance, then insurance coming or going tocontinue what they had been doing over the last few years,they will keep raising the gradients, and keep covering less and less of what you need,which i have experienced firsthand. yes, the informal care actachieves some good things, but there is still a major problemit comes to cost control,

especially when you force peopleto buy from private insurance. i think when bernie sandersbecomes president it will be public option. you can't force someone to buyfrom a private company, but you can't force them to havegovernment coverage. i dread having to go to thedoctor, because you just never know what you aregoing to charge. i literally went in because myankle was hurting, so i went to my foot doctor at cedars ã±

he gets paid every time hementions that name. been great foot and ankleclinic over there. i get the foot inserts, wherethey make a mold of your foot, i knew you once. from getting new ones made,they don't pay for it. they send me a thing, where didthis injury happen, who should we go after? it is not an injury,my ankle hurts. did happen at work?

did you get injured at home? it is not an injury! it is every step i've takenover the last six years, because that is how thehuman body works. they would rather pay someoneto fill out a paper, and put it in an envelope and sendit to my house, have my mailman bring it, to askme how was injured. all this bull shit,just pay for it. and pay for it because i'vebeen paying you every

month, and doing everything i'msupposed to do, and you are still not getting thecoverage i need. text by the way, him having abad ankle, if it does not get fixed, then potentially losingwork, those sorts of things can cause lower productivity andhurt the output of a business. it matters that we fixthese things. and that's not a scandal,americans are still paying twice as much for worse healthcare than the rest of the world. that to be the headline on thenew york times every day.

americans still paying twice asmuch for shittier outcomes in healthcare.

this is me, and this is my sister, annie she’s 28, mom to two cats, freelance designer and part-time grad student there’s just something about freelancing. i feel a lot of creative freedom she’s also had had chronic back pain, neck pain, migraines for as long as she can remember she health insurance through obamacare, and without it, there’s no way she’d be able to affordall her doctors’ appointments and medications and because she doesn’t have to depend onan employer for insurance, she’s able to

work for herself the flexibility works really well with being able to make my appointments around my work schedule on election night, my first thought was, "what does this mean for my sister?" donald trump, elected president of the united states and for the 22 million other people who get their health insurance through obamacare “today, after over a year of debate, health insurance reform becomes law in theunited states of america”

“we’re gonna try and repeal this” “there’s only one way to fix obamacare, and that’s a full repeal” “can we replace this law, completely, in the next presidency, in the next congress. that is our goal, and the answer is yes wecan.” "when we win on november 8, we will be able to immediately repeal and replace obamacare” obamacare is a big law, with lots of different parts

and there are some parts that trump and republicansin congress say they want to keep. for example: before obamacare, companies couldrefuse to sell insurance to people with lots of health problems. obamacare says they can’t do that anymore,and trump and the republicans say they want to keep it that way. the problem is, this piece of the law thatthey like only works because of another piece of thelaw that they don’t like...a piece they’ve promised to get rid of that’s the part of the law that says youhave to have health insurance, or pay a fine.

for health insurance to be affordable, youneed a lot of healthy people to sign up for every one sick personthat’s because health insurance is worth more to sick people, and they’ll pay morefor it, which pushes up premiums for everyone. the healthy people in the pool help keep thosecosts down. if trump and the republicans get rid of theindividual mandate, which they say they will, a bunch of healthy people are going to stop buying insurance, premiumsgo up, more healthy people leave until all that’s left are sick people whoare really expensive to cover. without a bunch of healthy people to offsetthat cost, insurance companies would pull

out of the marketplace we know this because in some places, it was already happening before the election. too many healthy people were choosing thefine over health insurance as a result, states like alabamaand oklahoma only have one insurance plan on the market--and without competition, premiumsshot up last year. if trump and the republicans get rid of theindividual mandate, we’ll likely see this happen in other states. like texas, where my sister lives

so, what might her life look like under the republican replacement for obamacare? right now, obamacare makes it illegal forinsurance companies to charge her more just because she has health problems.under paul ryan’s plan, that changes. insurance companies would be allowed to chargeher more if she ever let her coverage lapse. instead of forcing insurance companies tooffer affordable plans to people like my sister, paul ryan’s plan would fund “high-riskpools,” insurance plans specifically for people with lots of health problems, but wedon’t know exactly who would be eligible for them.

these pools were around before obamacare--and without healthy people to balance the sickpeople, these plans end up being about twice as expensive for participants. paul ryan’s plan does call for refundabletax credits to help offset those costs. congressional republicans have tried gettingrid of the individual mandate before. but those votes were largely symbolicbut it’s real now. my sister has built a life for herself where she can takeprofessional risks go back to school , be her own boss, and not have to rely on an employer for health insurance.

now, she and 22 million others are askinghow long that will last.

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